Dolly Parton to Join 9 to 5 Co-Stars on Grace & Frankie

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Netflix has announced its plans for Friday, November 5. Dolly Parton She will return to work with her 9 to 5Stars as co-stars Jane FondaAnd Lily TomlinIn the smash show Grace and Frankie. Guest star: Jolene, the singer of “Jolene”, will appear on the seventh and last season of 2022.

While it is not clear what role Dolly will play on the hit show, it is sure to be the biggest sing-along in streamer’s history – at least in nostalgic fan’s heads who know the cult movie theme tune “9 to 5” by memory.

Judy (Lily), Violet(Jane), and Doralee (“Dolly”) are a fitting tribute to the comedy that is female-driven. It has always been about empowering women. In 1980, 9 to 5This song was an advocate for equality rights because it featured three women working as a trio, who dreamed of their revenge on their hypocritical, egotistical and lying boss. Dabney Coleman

Dolly became an actress through the film, and Jane and Lily were also introduced to pop culture by the movie.