Do you Susie Evans regret having cold feet in Iceland?

One word, nope. In the final of Clayton Echard“Season of” The BachelorSusie decided to end the 26th season with the leading man and she said good-bye. But during The Final Rose, the pair revealed they got back together shortly after filming wrapped.

Now, let’s talk about it with CelebHomes News. Daily Pop on March 17, the 28-year-old wedding videographer revealed that she doesn’t regret breaking it off with Clayton.

She stated, “We needed to take steps back.” Daily Pop. “I had to get answers. I needed some time. We needed to both heal from what happened in Iceland.”

It wasn’t like she had a sudden change of heart,” she said. She said, “I stand firm to that decision. I believe it was the best thing for me and has led me back home to Clayton.”

During The Final RoseThe host Jesse Palmer Clayton might have been seen getting down on his knees, as the couple suggested.

Susie stated, “We had spoken about the proposal, prior to the last show, and I was like, ‘that’s not happening.’ Clayton was like that’s not happening. We were on the exact same page about this, and it was no surprise.