It is already possible to hear Wells Adams shaking up some summer cocktails!

Clayton Echard‘s season may have just started, but we’re already day-dreaming about paradise—ABC’s Bachelor in ParadiseIt is. Clayton spoke out in an exclusive CelebHomes News interview about whether he wants contestants from the season to be part of an upcoming season. Bachelor in Paradise. It seems he’d love it. 

He said that “I would be extremely excited for them to find love.” Michelle is going to have a lot more guys on her journey. [Bachelor in Paradise]As well. Both sides have so many great men and women that it makes me excited.

He said, “I now know these people.” “I want to know who is gonna get with whom because there are so many potential happy couples out there.”

Are wCelebHomes willing to allow our friends to date our ex-partners? Oh!, no. Clayton is a much better person than we are.