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A fresh haircut is a great feeling. To get the bounce I want in my hair and step, I tried it. It’s hard work. The look takes patience and time, something I struggle with, particularly in the morning. What do you think?

In recent months, I’ve seen velcro rollers almost everywhere. I used to watch whenever they were being made. EuphoriaI will see. Maude ApatowCharacter Lexi with velcro rollers in her hair. When Real Housewives of New Jersey Margaret Josephs is ready for the night with her hair full-length of rollers. I was stunned by Lily James’ transformative transformation into Pam Anderson. Pam & Tommy. Lily was hair done by DryBar hairstylists using velcro rollers. Inspired by the shows I love, I tried hot rollers. Here’s my experience with hot rollers.