Following being diagnosed with kidney disease DMXHis five-year old son, according to his mom, is “fighting like a warrior.”

Desiree Lindstrom discussed her son with DMX, Exodus SimmonsYou can find more information at Raquel Harper is a tricky one. Desiree posted a video clip from the podcast on Instagram where she shared details on Exodus’s diagnosis. 

She stated, “He’s been stable every since I gave him to him.” His stage three kidney disease is still present. Keep his potassium levels down. “He won’t eat any high-potassium foods.”

She said that Exodus visits the doctor “very frequently” and that she makes sure that his creatinine levels stay low. He’s just an incredible child, she said. 

According to the National Kidney Foundation, when the kidneys are not functioning as they should, it is difficult for them to regulate the levels of potassium and creatinine in the body. The National Kidney Foundation states that people suffering from kidney disease should monitor their creatinine levels and note the levels of potassium in their food.