We don’t want to wait for any hero anymore!

Disney+ has announced the addition of new cast members to its live-action series on May 5.Percy Jackson, the OlympiansLeah Sava JeffriesAnd Aryan Simhadri will play Annabeth and Grover, respectively. Both join Walker ScobellPercy, who was already named.

Disney+ posted the announcement on Instagram with the following message: “Heroes are in the making.” ⚡️Meet Annabeth Percy and Grover of #PercyJackson & The Olympians Original Series, coming to DisneyPlus

The streamer said Annabeth was “a true Athena-daughter with an ability to think strategically and an inquisitive mind.” After five years spent at Camp Half-Blood (a training center for demigods), she is now unable to recall the human world. Percy is her trainer to help him survive in the mythological world. He becomes her guide for connecting with humans.

It’s a huge job for her. 

Grover is a satyr—which means he’s half human, half goat—who manages to disguise himself as 12-year-old boy. His description says that Grover is a caring and compassionate person who will prioritize the needs of others, even if it means putting his own interests first. Percy is his best friend, Grover and he will be there for Percy when he needs to.