Be enchanted and amazed by the magical world of Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey once again!  

As part of Disney+ Day on Friday, Nov. 12, the streamer released a short video clip of the two actors together to announce that the long-awaited sequel to their beloved 2007 film, Enchanted, is officially on the way.

“We know that you have been wishing for our movie Enchanted to be available on Disney+,” Adams said.  

Dempsey added, “And we also know you’ve been wishing for a sequel.” 

“Today, we are here to tell you that fairy tales do come true.” Adams said with a smile.  

Titled Disenchanted, the film, which was first announced at the Disney Investor Day conference in December 2020, is set for a fall 2022 release. In addition to the sequel, Dempsey also shared that Enchanted is available to stream on the platform now. 

Speaking on The Tonight Show in September, Adams revealed that the film was shot in IrelandAnd features “a lot more singing” and “a lot more dancing” than its predecessor.