Grab your tissues—Adele’s latestThe music will bring out the emotions.

A clip taken from the upcoming CBS special featuring the singerEnjoy a Night With Us AdeleTalking about “Hold On,” the track from her album, 33-year-old singer discusses 30 Oprah suggests that the singer had to be in the “dark dark dark hours,” when making the track and the lyrics couldn’t reflect it more.

Oprah recites the lyrics loudly: “I’m such an mess. Regressive tendencies are a constant theme in my life, no matter how hard I try. My worst enemy is myself. Right now I really hate being myself. Each day, it feels as if the road I am on is going to swallow me whole. What makes me feel so tiny when I struggle to feel anything?

Adele opened up about her inspirations for the song. “My friends always would say ‘hold on’ when I would feel like the lyrics in the verse,” she said. It was exhausting to try and keep it going.