Well, we now know Colin Robinson’s deal: He’s no longer truckin’ along.

In the Oct. 21 episode of What We Do in ShadowsThe shocking news that one of the vampires died at the right time shocked viewers. We’re referring to the shocking news that energy vampires can die on their 100th birthday. This meant that Colin (Mark ProkschBefore we could ask for an updog, ) died.

“Energy vampires are Jemaine [Clement]”Vampire lore’s invention that was new and unheard of before,” showrunner Paul Simms told NewsweekTo learn more about Colin’s backstory, you can visit: “It was one we made ourselves.” [and]For all three seasons, we discussed what it is. We talked about his origins and where he came from.

The episode revealed that Laszlo was (Matt Berry) knew about Colin’s fate, explaining his surprising friendship with the exceptionally dull energy vampire. Simms said of the unexpected dynamic, “They already get on each other’s nerves so it was interesting to see a sort of mild friendship develop there.”