Please allow the CelebHomes episode to download. Down in the DMsTo steal your identity for one second. 

Bachelor Nation’s Tyler Cameron is being put to the test this time around, and while his days of being a self-admitted “loose cannon in the DMs” are long gone, there’s still plenty of tea to be found in his inbox—most of which began brewing after his stint on Bachelorette

“Celebrities were envious of movie stars and celebrities. Tyler only revealed this on the episode’s February 17th. “I was like, You guys watch that show?’

An example of such an actor was Selma BlairShe was actually tricked by Tyler’s impersonator.

“I remember when I got on the show, there was a fake account that grew to like 60,000 followers,” he recalled. “And it was following people and sending random DMs and it must have followed Selma.”

What made Tyler reach that conclusion? Selma later contacted Tyler’s real account.