Scott DisickAs entered the chat

After Kim Kardashian posted a sizzling swimsuit selfie to the ‘gram on Jan. 6, the self-proclaimed “Lord Disick” left an eye-brow raising comment that seemingly hinted at the reality star’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson

“Damn! Scott wrote, “Damn!” under the photo of his ex. Kourtney KardashianWhile she was basking in the sun,’s younger sibling chose to wear a skimpy bikini. If you’re wondering what Scott may have meant by the comment, we’re gonna let you head over to the NSFW explanation on Urban Dictionary. 

Eagle-eyed fans quickly assumed the Talentless founder was referring to Pete, 28, and his widely-rumored, uh, BDE.

Kim’s friend responded to this comment by saying, “So that’s what they’re calling Pete.” 

Another writer wrote, “So his reputation precedes Him.” 

Kim, 41, took the photo captioned “Sweet sweet fantasy baby” but CelebHomes News cannot confirm. Kim flew to the Bahamas for the New Year with CelebHomes News. Saturday Night Live comedian.