Rosie Perez Woody HarrelsonThe chemistry between them was just as strong off-screen.

It was discussed by the actress White men can’t jumpCelebrating 30 years of reunion at 2022 Oscars on CelebHomes News Daily PopHarrelson was the first time she had revealed her feelings for Harrelson in filming.

She said, “I was with stars and the chemistry had just been over,” in an interview with host Justin SylvesterThe April 21 episode. “I suppose Woody is.” [it’s]We really do love one another.”

Perez was Harrelson’s girlfriend and admitted to having a crush on Harrelson in the 1992 movie. However, she kept things professional. Perez said, “Maybe it’s that spark too that we never went there.”

These days, the actress prefers to keep her romantic life with her husband, artist Eric HazeOn the private side.

She said, “When I go at his events I’m just a wife.” “They’re screaming, ‘Eric Haze! Eric Haze! It’s crazy. It was exactly the same as me on Oscar night. This is a fantastic partnership. “We don’t try to get in each others’ way and allow each other the freedom to shine whenever it is necessary.”