In a teaser video for season four of Bravo, Larsa’s ex-castmate appears in the trailer. It was dropped days before Kim posted Kim’s Instagram. Adriana de MouraLarsa said that she tried to imitate the SKIMS mogul.

Adriana said to Larsa during a heated dinner conversation, “You left these women and come back with an enormous butt like Kim Kardashian’s. You’re trying to be the next Kim Kardashian.”

Kim and Larsa had been friends for many years before news of a falling out surfaced last year. Eagle-eyed followers noticed that Kardashian’s entire family was quietly unfollowing Larsa Marie, the Larsa Marie cofounder on social media.

Larsa was confirmed last November on an episode Hollywood RawShe said that Kim and her “have a completely different kind of relationship” to each other than in the past podcast. Larsa suggested that Kim had split with her husband. Kanye “Ye” WestThe role of, was: “If your spouse feels, like threatened, by my relation with you,”