Do you have new hair?

EvenKendall Jenner was unsure when she posted a Boomerang video on Thursday, Jan. 3, that featured wisps of her signature brunette locks cascading over her forehead. This clip of the model, 26, was shown in her Nike jacket and sunglasses while she sat inside a car. As the car drove down a street, her hair was seen flowing across her face.

She wrote “bangzzz” in the caption and added, “idk.”

Kendall has worn a fringe, although it is not clear if she actually had a permanent cut. Kendall has been known to wear faux bangs on several red carpet events. Keep Up with the Kardashians star cut her bangs for real in 2019, prompting fans to draw comparisons to Kris Jenner‘s iconic pixie ‘do.

Kendall mockingly lashed out at her mother last September for her uncoordinated bangs when she was a kid. Per AllureThe founder of 818 Tequila shared a picture from her childhood, in which her hair was cut at different lengths.