Now let the speculations begin.

Jake Gyllenhaal is raising eyebrows after appearing in a W Magazine feature that appeared to reference Taylor SwiftThis is the latest album from. The Taylor’s Version of RedThere are many lyrics that could be related to the actor at 41 years old. Photograph of the actor in a portrait Tim Walker released on Jan. 12, Jake is seen wearing a crimson button-down shirt with matching heart-shaped sunglasses resting on his head.

As Swifties know all too well, Taylor rocked similar-looking frames in her “22” music video from her RedThe accessory could have been a reference to the singer at 32, leading to speculations.

“Is he feeling 22 ???”?” One fan shared his opinion W MagazineJake’s picture was posted to Instagram by. Another one laughed, saying, “Red Shirt. The 22 music video glasses!” Jake Walker and Tim Walker chose violence when they woke up.

The scarlet sunnies are causing a frenzy in Swifties’ hearts, InStyle noted in a online story published on the same day that picture’s original caption read: “Red (Jake’s Version).” Swifties were, of course, there. Thoughts You can read more about this.