Cassidy TimbrooksHe was forced from his bachelor mansion.

On the January 24, 2008 episode of The BachelorLeading man Clayton Echard confronted the 26-year-old executive assistant over claims she had a “friend with benefits” waiting for her back home. The situation was complicated because Clayton had given Cassidy flowers after last week’s group date.

Cassidy initially denied that she was in a relationship with someone. She stated, “I haven’t had any type of relationship since the summer 2019.”

Clayton did mention that Cassidy said this to some women at the mansion, but it was not what Cassidy meant. Backtracking slightly, Cassidy said that she spoke with a male friend prior to arriving at the mansion, adding, “I had no interest in resuming that relationship because I knew it wasn’t going anywhere.”

Cassidy acknowledged that she had had some sex with the person, but she told Clayton she was only interested in him. Clayton broke the trust, sending the Los Angeles resident packing.