The beatnik continued.

Apple TV+ will drop a brand new episode on Friday, November 12. Dickinson featuring Billy Eichner As Walt WhitmanWe are all able to give. Hailee Sternfeld“s” Emily Dickinson This lesson is about poetry, love, and many more. This season 3 clip is exclusive to CelebHomes News. Emily travels to New York to fulfill her destiny as a writer.

In search of inspiration, she turns to the famous writer. She gets much more. Leaves of GrassSit on.

She pays a visit to Walt during the Civil War—who is busy working his historically accurate volunteer job as a nurse—to pitch him her career goals. She declares, “This is why i’m here.” This is the reason I went to you. “Mr. Whitman, I’m a poet.”

He rattles off his words for her, akin to a performer on the stage of a West Village nightclub in 1950s. He theorizes that Emily has “the urge” as a writer “to join in on an infinite and great chorus”—whatever that means.