He isn’t married yet but maybe Norman Reedus should listen to the wise words, “Happy wife, happy life.”
Diane KrugerApril 7, 2007 appearance by ‘ Jimmy Kimmel Live, the star of the new Roku series Swimming with Sharks revealed how the Walking Dead alum—who she’s been engaged to since last year—bought a house in California without her consent. 
“We drove by [the house]He was taking me to a table that had been read. Swim with Sharks, and you know, it was a Sunday—you know how those houses are open and you can just walk in,” she told host Jimmy Kimmel. We looked at it and thought it was beautiful, but it is New York.
Kruger, 45, got the surprise of a lifetime when she emerged from the table read and saw dozens of missed notifications from her fiancé.
“So, then he drops me off and I come out of my table read and there’s like 50 messages that start with, ‘I love that house. I stayed an hour more. I was curious to know what you thought. “What do you think?” she asked. “Next message, ‘Should we move to California? What about we offer our services? I know what you are thinking? You know what? I offered. The house was ours.