Kiernan ShipkaAndy has a new role in his job as assistant to Hollywood executives. Devil Wears Prada Look like a pleasant stroll in the parks. 

It Amazing Adventures of SabrinaLou Simms plays an actress who portrays a Hollywood intern. In the trailer, she is informed that Lou has “no brain” so her opinions “mean nothing”. Swim with SharksApril 14, 2009. Lou stated that she would have no problem with Lou hearing negative feedback. However, Lou believes she can take the pain if it makes her closer to being able to do more than just dog walking and ordering lunch.

Joyce Holt is Joyce Holt, a studio executive, who acts as her boss. Diane Kruger, loses her assistant in a drowning incident.

It is rumored Joyce may have played a part in her assistant’s suicide. Lou was told by someone that Joyce “pushed him too far.” It is her fault that he died.”