Mr. Funny Man, Dennis Miller, is at it again in the real estate world, this time with a massive beach house. Same state, diferent area. Also, Dennis’s wife helped design it. You have yourself a keeper there, Mr. Miller, knowing what the 6,063 sq ft residency offers. We’ll get to that in a bit. Or, we can get to that now! There are 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms to be had, and the room count is 8. All of the interior matches wonderfully; flooring, paint job, wallpaper….At the same time, all rooms have some kind of personality of their own.

One remarkable feature of the house is the full, soothing, awe-inspiring views of the pacific, which can be enjoyed from a large backyard patio w/ fire pit, full large balcony (on the 2nd level), or practically anywhere else. Be careful though. It’s reported that these views will capture your attention for so long that time will pass by without you accomplishing……well……anything! Nonetheless, the white and shining 0.55 acre property is one to consider. So far, the Millers intend to net $22.5 million for the place.

Address: 3333 Padaro Ln, Carpinteria CA 93013