Find out more Denise Richards, It’s all in one blinkShe is much more than a film she starred in. Her daughter SamiIt’s possible to turn 18 and it is a reality.
And in honor of the celebratory occasion, Denise—who shares Sami and 16-year-old daughter, LolaEx Charlie Sheen—penned a heartwarming note to the birthday girl.
Denise shared the following words with Sami: “Happy birthday, my beautiful Sami,” along with a couple of Instagram pictures on March 10. I love you so very much. I have many other words for you. I love you unconditionally and I am very blessed & grateful to be your mom. Nana will be there to celebrate with you. You are my Sami. Sami, for her part, responded to her mother’s kind words by writing “Thanks so much mom. I love you too.”
Celebratory posts for the actress come just weeks after Sami opened up to her about their “strained relationship”.

Denise said to Sirius XM, “It is very difficult.” Jeff LewisFebruar. “I’m sure we’ll return to where we were in the end, but it is difficult right now.”