UPDATE: Demi Lovato The upcoming NBC series will not feature him as a star Hungry.

CelebHomes News has learned the singer has stepped down from their starring role in the sitcom because of scheduling conflicts. It is understood they have a manager. Scooter BraunRemain executive producers for the project.

Variety Reporter was the first one to announce the news.


Demi Lovato is getting their very own show once again. 

A little over ten years since Disney Channel’s cancellation Sonny With a ChanceMusic superstar Alicia Keys is the host of a brand new comedy show on NBC. It’s called HungryAccording to VarietyThe story follows friends from a food issue group as they work together to find love, success, and that perfect ingredient in their fridges. 

NBC has made a commitment to air the pilot. This means that even if it does not air in a series it will be aired as a special. Lovato, who will be executive producing and staring in the series with Frasier Will & Grace producer Suzanne Martin at the helm. Will & GraceStar Sean HayesHe will executive produce as well under his production company. Hayes was also a guest star in Lovato’s role as Lovato Will & GraceRevival last year, Will’sEric McCormack) surrogate.