Her recent separation from Love Islandstar Eyal Bucher, Delilah HamlinIt is possible to be exploring new waters.

The 23-year old daughter of Lisa RinnaAnd Harry HamlinWas seen going out to dinner with Jack Nicholson‘s son, Ray Nicholson. The model and actor were out for a night, with the actress’ mom as their host. Rebecca BroussardSanta Monica, California: Grabbed a bite to eat

An eyewitness claims that Delilah was in Ray’s passenger seat when they arrived. And when they left together a few hours later, she seemed to be “in great spirits.”

So perhaps her love life is on an upswing a little less than two months after she and her boyfriend of two years, Eyal Booker, called it quits?
CelebHomes News was informed by a source that Delilah would be starting the year alone in mid-January. The split was initiated by Delilah, according to another insider. The insider said that Delilah was the one who initiated the split. She wanted to be able to “reconnect with herself and prioritise her health” while adding that it wasn’t messy but they were both sad.