“As It Was”

First single: Harry’s HouseIt’s deceptively delightful ear candy. Although the track’s upbeat synths and soft vocals portray a feeling-good moment with their soft chimes, vocals, and soft lyrics, they are among the most disturbing on the album. Harry described the song as “really depressing” when he spoke with Zane Lowe. He said that it was about a “kind of metamorphism and a perspective shift” which you won’t fully grasp until it is too late. Harry sang that nothing is the same now as before. 


Interview with Howard SternHarry called “Daylight” a “stream-of-consciousness” song that depicts being infatuated. Harry sings that he has a crush and doesn’t have the time to spend with him right now. The electronic track is lighthearted but poignant. Harry still has the right to ask them to change their mind if necessary. The singer Harry also confirmed that the song is not connected to Taylor Swift“Daylight” is the song by.

“Little Freak”

In “Little Freak”, a gentle, melodic song about a love that fell through Harry’s hands before it could begin, late-night longing is in play. In the song’s eighth, he admits that he had disrespected him. “You didn’t see my birthmark.” As he looks back on the past, he says, “I don’t worry about where you’re at / Or to whom you’ll go home/ I just think about you.”   


On “Matilda,” Harry imagines the advice he’d give the protagonist from Roald Dahl’s 1988 novel as an adult. Harry tells the story of dealing with family trauma and growing up. He explains, “You can forgive it / You have the option to throw a big party with everyone you know/ But not invite your families.” It doesn’t mean you have to regret moving on and learning. And, while he acknowledges that “it’s none of my business” (a subtle reference to his 2017 track “Kiwi”), he shares, “it’s just been on my mind.”