Danny stated that he enjoyed it. Homecoming “genuinely focused on my mental health journey,” he argued it not only did a disservice to his own story, but also those that came before him.

“I want to hear that they failed to honour their previous work more than any other thing. Pedro ZamoraDanny stated, “which is so important and often forgotten.”

Pedro appears on San Francisco, The Real World in 1994 and became one of the first openly gay men living with HIV to be seen on television. Zamora, at 22 years old, died from an AIDS-related disease on November 11, 1994. This was just hours after the broadcast. Real World: San Francisco finale aired.

The statement below is from the Los Angeles Times, Bunim/Murray Productions—the production company responsible for The Real World—responded to Danny’s allegations that the HIV storyline was cut, saying it “has never shied away from sharing stories around HIV and AIDS” since the franchise premiered in 1992.

“The HomecomingThe series was ultimately about Danny’s mental journey,” Bunim/Murray stated.