It’s funny hair: Partygoers, Dakota JohnsonMen’s jackets used to have pockets that contained extensions. Yes, that’s right.

Have a good chat. The Social Network co-star Andrew GarfieldThe actress shared some of her wild adventures from the period when the movie was made in 2010.

“That was, like,” Mark Townsend“My hairdresser, who comes here every day, used to add pieces to my hair. It was to increase volume.” she said. At those parties, I was probably a bit drunk. Then, you know, just take them out and place them in somebody’s pockets.

Understandably, Garfield, like us, had some questions—like why target men? Garfield said, “It would sound like: ‘Can this be held for me? I’ll get it later,'” Johnson said of how gullible her fellow partygoers were. “And then it would be gone.”