Johnson spoke out about the growing trend in cancel culture during her recent interview. Johnson said that humans can change and evolve over time, even though she did not mention Heard or Depp.

The term is what I find most difficult in cancel culture. cancel culture—the whole concept behind canceling a human being, like they’re an appointment,” she said. There will be mistakes made in everyone’s life. It is the act of figuring things out that makes it worthwhile to be alive. Harming or causing harm is unacceptable. Those actions have consequences. The idea that the Twitterverse can decide that someone suddenly doesn’t exist is heartbreaking, sad and untrue.

The author reminded the readers to consider the larger population. Twitter is about 12 percent of the global population. Johnson stated that Johnson does not have an account. Johnson, who doesn’t have an account, said: “I mean… some of these people cannot even spell.”