Dakota JohnsonIt’s like going back in time.

The first trailer of Netflix’s new streaming service. PersuasionIt is the Grey in 50 Shades actress plays Anne Elliot, a progressive young woman with plenty of witty remarks on her family. This is how she describes her father (played by Richard E. GrantHe describes himself as someone who has “never encountered a reflective surface” he did not like.

However, she still loves and respects her family. She convinced Frederick Wentworth to leave her.Cosmo Jarvis). Anne states that “I would’ve been far happier keeping him than in giving him up,” in her trailer.

But then, Frederick returns at the most inopportune time. Now a decorated captain of the war, he’s a better marriage prospect than before but Anne has work to do if she wants to mend their relationship.

Frederick isn’t Anne’s only potential bachelor. William ElliotHenry GoldingAnne’s cousin (Anne) comes by and shows interest in a relationship.