NeNe made a radio appearance and also expressed her disappointment at the entire thing. Real Housewives of AtlantaCast had gathered together to send Gregg flowers after Gregg’s death. 

NeNe stated that she was actually surprised because the first set I received was a bouquet from all the Housewives. “I was like, “Why do you all need to go in together to buy some flowers?” If you all work together, you can spend your $200.

Cynthia explained that Cynthia initially believed that this was what she and her intended. RHOACo-stars are meant to do.

“Everybody was going be sending flowers.” She explained that there is no problem sending flowers. “That wasn’t the point. It was almost embarrassing to even address the whole situation with flowers. But, since she said it, I’m going ahead and addressing it.”

Cynthia said, “We thought it would be more impactful as a group to say: ‘Hey! We actually took the time to actually come together to try and figure out this whole situation with flowers.’ Because anyone can call 1-800-Flowers to send flowers. So, I was thinking she would be like, “Oh my God, they went and solved this.”