The writers are gearing up for the next season. Schaffer is optimistic. The writers are still at the beginning stages of writing the new season. Schaffer shared that they have figured out an arc, and it is now about creating the most entertaining episodes. Because we are so focused on the micro, it’s not necessary to worry about the macro. All the houses are still being built brick-by-brick. You’ll find some truly funny things.”

Yes, more will be discussed about Young LarryLarry had been writing the show Larry.Curb

You shouldn’t be holding your breath for a premier date. Schaffer joked about how they enjoy long periods between seasons. It takes pressure off writers. When I’m writing new seasons, one thing I tell myself is: “Hey! I know last season went really well, and people loved it. But, it’s OK,” he said. It will be at least two years before they ever see it again. They’ll forget. They’ll be just as happy to have us back. “So, let’s not worry about it because nobody is going to forget!