The letter continued: “We want to thank the nurses and doctors” “We’re all very sorry for this loss. We ask you to please be quiet during this time.” 

It concluded with “Our baby boy. You are our angel.” “We will never forget you.”

Three days after the heartbreaking news, the couple jointly posted a photo of their family—including their new baby girl—on Instagram. Ronaldo has a son, too. Cristiano Jr., 11, twins Mateo  EvaGeorgina’s first child with a 4 year old boy. Alana, 4.  

“Home sweet home. Gio and our baby daughter are now together,” was the caption. We want to express our gratitude for everyone’s kind words and thoughtful gestures. It is important to us that we feel the support you offer and also appreciate your love and respect for our loved ones. It’s now time to celebrate the new life we have.