You don’t need AAA. 

Al Roker And your wife Deborah RobertsOn Instagram, it was revealed that some strangers stepped up to help after the car they had been using died during dinner.

“Friday finish. The kindness of strangers,” Deborah, an ABC News correspondent, wrote in an Aug. 13 post. “After a nice dinner…a bummer. The battery in the car was dead. How to proceed? “I took a risk and asked a stranger to jumper cables.”

Deborah shared that could have been a bad situation was luckily turned around when “Phil and his sweet family came to the rescue.” Her comment was, “No five-mile walk tonight!” Yay Phil. Many thanks for all your kindnesses.

Al waves a thumbs-up to the camera as his car’s hood is open. In the background, two strangers—presumably Phil and his family member—have a wide smile on their faces as they pose for the snap.