Jason EarlesThoughts about a Hannah Montana reboot will have you saying, “Sweet niblets!”

CelebHomes News alumnus, Disney Channel, said that while he doesn’t rule out the revival of the popular teen sitcom, he also noted that there are certain contingencies that could make it happen. 

“A Hannah“Spin-off, sequel, or reimagining make a lot sense,” he stated. He said, “I believe that the right people would need to be involved.”

Jason specifically stated that without Jason’s on-screen sister, the show wouldn’t be possible Miley Cyrus. “I think it’s something Miley might be excited about down the line, but it really depends upon her,” he said. “She now has a stronger relationship with the show than she had when we ended.”

Since then, 11 years have passed. Hannah MontanaMiley has gotten off the air and has shed her childhood star image. Jason is able to understand this move, saying, “She’s very confident in who and what she is now. “I don’t believe people associate her only with the thing she tried to escape from.”