Corey GambleIs rooting for Tristan Thompson.

The 41-year old talent manager, publicly supporting the NBA star, attended the match-up of the Sacramento Kings against the Los Angeles Lakers at Arena, L.A. on Tuesday, January 4.

Although the Kings lost to the Lakers 114-122, Corey—who is currently dating Kris Jenner—continued to root for Tristan following the game. CelebHomes News video shows him holding the No. 13 jersey of NBA star Tristan Thompson. As he was making his way towards his car, he handed the 13 jersey to the paparazzi.

This sighting occurred just days after Tristan (age 30) revealed that he had indeed fathered his baby boy in a paternity check Maralee NicksHe is being sued by a woman for her pregnancy and related expenses. Tristan has also apologized publicly to the victim. Khloe KardashianHe shares a 3-year-old girl with his wife True Thompson.

Tristan wrote, “Khloe! You don’t deserve this.” “You do not deserve the humiliation and heartache I’ve caused you. It is unfair that I have treated your over the years in a way you don’t deserve. I have never viewed you the way that my actions reflect. Your unconditional love and respect are my top priorities. No matter what your opinion may be. It is so deeply sorry.”