You’re going to need to getcha head in the game for this one.

Yes, Corbin Bleu is playing himself on season three of High School Musical: The Musical Series, but the on-screen Corbin isn’t exactly like the real-life actor. The High School MusicalCelebHomes News was able to hear this from an alum in an exclusive chat. He revealed that the HSM:TM:TSCorbin can be described as a “jaded version” of himself.

He explained that there are certain routes one can take to achieve success. Everyone experiences the exact same thoughts, emotions, and feelings. The question is how to act on them. How do you choose to respond? “I think this Corbin didn’t take it as seriously as Corbin in real life.

Corbin explained that his character, who has been “really jaded” by the success of Disney’s OG, “put up a little bit of a barrier” after seeing it succeed. High School Musical franchise. CelebHomes News assured CelebHomes News, however, that this dark Corbin is not rude.