This is the end of this conversation!

When it comes time for a second season, there seems to be nothing to discuss. Conversations with Friends and according to the show’s stars Sasha LaneAnd Jemima Kecke, that’s OK.

Conversations with FriendsBased on Sally Rooney‘s 2017 debut novel, which is why Kirke told CelebHomes News she can’t see how a new season “could be.”

She said, “I suppose somebody could, if Rooney permits that,” but she added, “but it feels somewhat gratuitous that it would.”

Conversations with Friends follows introverted Frances (Alison OliverBobbi (Lane), a outspoken Bobbi, and Nick (Married Couple) find themselves in an intricate dynamic.Joe Alwyn and Kirke, respectively).

Lane shared a similar opinion regarding Season Two hopes. She revealed that she didn’t think people would desire another installment.

Lane observed that everyone wants closure. And I was like “Yeah! Think about it. Simply sit back and let the spiral take you. You can do it on your own. It doesn’t matter if we show you.