“I just wish I would have been like, ‘I’m questioning my sexuality! That answers your question about why you’re a virgin. He said. He said, “I didn’t want go there with women. I wasn’t sure if it was possible.” It was something I prayed for and hoped for, but it wasn’t. And there was just not that room… I don’t know if it would have been well-received if I did.” 

Throughout his entire time as The Bachelor and while starring on the series’ affiliated programs, Colton’s virginity was a major conversational topic, with castmates often sharing their disbelief that he was truly a virgin. 

Colton stated that his relationship has been more healthy with Jordan, his boyfriend of a while, than those he had in the past. 

His words were, “It’s been more healthy for certain. There haven’t been any hitches.” For women I was always looking for ways out and trying to escape. I was planning everything out like, next step this, we need to be engaged by this week, we need to hopefully have kids by this year… That’s truly how my relationships [went].” 

Colton now says that Jordan is his “best friend”. We just compliment each other’s lives. It sounds casual but it’s actually just us hanging out. We’re just having fun. There is no pressure.” 

He said, “He is very protective and defensive of me.” “He also checks me on a lot of things, where he has helped also with the internalized homophobia too where he’s like, ‘Wait, that’s okay.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, it is?’ This is a healthy equilibrium.” 

Earlier this month, he revealed that Jordan has met his family, telling The New York Times that he’s “very happy and very in love.”