Inspire others Riverdale Makes for pretty pictures suite life. Right, Cole Sprouse?

It could be. Recent interview with GQ magazine, Sprouse—who stars as Jughead Jones on the CW show—revealed that he is ready for the teen drama series to end and to “wrap it up with a bow.” Sprouse stated that most of his cast shares these feelings and added that they are eager to move on into their next chapters. 

But what if… we’reCole, are you ready? Have you thought of this? 

It’s not surprising that Sprouse, after six seasons and more than 100 episodes, has decided to do new things.

“I don’t have the creative power to make things happen.” [Riverdale]He said, “Yes.” I have very little creative control. “We show up, get scripts the day of and are asked to do the shooting.”

With a time jump of seven years, Betty Cooper was featured in the sixth season.Lili Reinhart), Jughead, Archie Andrews (KJ ApaVeronica Lodge and Veronica LodgeCamila Mendes() Going their separate ways.