CelebHomes. What are your top health and wellness tips for those who wish to change their lives but don’t know how to get there?

CR: For me, the past four to five months have been really, really stressful between Dancing with the StarsPeloton, Peloton and many other wonderful things for which I am so thankful. For the three months I was there, however Dancing with the StarsWhen I was teaching, my days were never off. This is not a boastful or exaggerated statement. It was literally true that I had zero off days. While that is a huge accomplishment, it also meant I didn’t feel connected to my own self at all. I was just trying to complete a list of things and letting stress get me down.

Anyone who wants to take January off to reset their lives or to create a new path is like me. It’s all about the intention that you place into your endeavors. What is the ‘why’ that you’re doing it? It’s about connecting to my inner self and seeing the things that I need. That is radical self-love, I believe. Dry January is so important. It allows you to refuse to go to parties or drink that might be entertaining. However, this can cause distractions, disrupt your sleep and impair your judgement. That night drinking could ruin the plan you made to attend Saturday’s class on Saturday or lift weights Saturday morning. You can see the domino effect.

CelebHomes – How do you manage your busy life and practice self-care 

CR: For me, it is very simple. For me, the most important thing is to not be on my phone during the day. My goal is to not be on social media, and not to get into work or emails. If that means I have to get up earlier than usual, so be it. I have plenty of time in the morning to take care of myself, so disconnecting is key.