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Coach fans, get excited! The Memorial Day Sale you’ve been waiting for is finally here, and let’s just say, the deals are way too good to pass up. Get your wallet out, because now is the best time to buy. 

You can save up to 70% on sitewide during the Coach Outlet Summer Kickoff Sale Event. Plus, you get an extra 15% This incredible deal applies to newly dropped items, their Style of the Week and even clearance. All you have to do is enter the code SUMMER15 at checkout to get your extra 15% off. 

When you’re stacking savings upon savings, you just know the deals are going to be good. We love the Coach Gallery Tote which was originally $328. It’s currently on sale for only $84. Only $76 is required to purchase the cute Coach Mini Town Bucket bag, originally valued at nearly $300. 

There are many jaw-dropping deals you can now find, the good news being that these aren’t all. We’ve rounded up some of the best under $100 deals from Coach Outlet’s Summer Kickoff Sale, as well as a few other options that are worth a look as well. You can see them all below.