It is inevitable that all good things will come to an abrupt end.

The 2022 Premios Juventud took place in Puerto Rico. CNCO confirmed they are breaking up as a group in order to focus on other projects—including solo music.

We always believed that, if we were to split up, it would have to happen naturally. That’s exactly what it was.” Zabdiel de JesusTelled BillboardAfter the July 21st show. After sharing many life experiences, we have grown in this field together. We are ready to do new things and expand our career.

Erick Brian CollonShe added that “We’re feeling anxious, but also excited”.

According to the group the separation was amicable. The group also stated that the decision to split was amicable. Christopher VelezFans were assured that even though they’re splitting up, it doesn’t mean that they will not be connected.

Christopher explained that while it was difficult for them because this is a major step in their lives that will lead to us going solo, but also exciting because they’re open to exploring and trying to discover our individuality and sound. We are simply trying new and challenging things, not because we will stop seeing one another.