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Although summer is ending, it doesn’t mean that the season is over. Whether you’ve got a couple of backyard barbecues to attend, a beach date planned or a last-minute summer getaway, Cleobella launched a brand new Hamptons collection with Olivia Wilde and business partner/best friend Babs Burchfield, ad it has all the pieces you need to end the summer in style.

Eight gorgeous staples for summer were taken from East Coast summers. To highlight Conscious Commerce’s sustainability commitment, Olivia and Babs co-founded Conscious Commerce. 

Olivia spoke highly of the new collection, saying that they are staples everyone should have. I believe that investing in timeless pieces will allow you to stay on-trend through many seasons if people can understand the benefits of sustainable production. This is something I believe people value. “We want people to be able to make wise and conscious spending decisions.”

The new collection also raises funds for Physicians for Reproductive Health.

Check out this link to see the entire collection, and order a piece.