On her first venture into Hollywood, she was a mermaid. Just add water to H20Before I became a vampire for several years The Vampire Diaries AndThe Originals. The one thing that makes an Aussie actress a good choice is her job. Claire HoltCouldn’t wait for her chance to be a Global Ambassador of World Nutella Day Feb.

That’s true. And, it is a fact. According to CelebHomes News, the actress, 33, said that her collaboration with the hazelnut spread was her “greatest job of all!”

Okay, so that’s her job as a parent to a 2-year-old. JamesA 16-month old ElleWith her children, Andrew Joblon. She proclaimed, “As mum, it’s probably the most important thing in my life.” They are pure joy and love. Even when they are tiny, their love is infectious. They are my closest friends, and without them I would not be able to imagine life.

Still, Holt admitted, raising two kids under two is “madness and you just have to give up trying to be perfect and realize that you’re the best parent for you kid and do what you can.”