Despite being in the middle of a sour separation, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik agree on one thing: The welfare of their daughter is priority No. 1. 

It’s been a turbulent week for the supermodel singer, who recently broke up nearly two years after rekindling their romance and more than a year since welcoming their first child together, Khai. The news of their split broke shortly after Zayn “adamantly” denied striking Gigi’s mom. Yolanda HadidIn a statement to TMZ. In a citation obtained by CelebHomes News, he was charged with harassment for allegedly shoving Yolanda into a dresser, “causing mental anguish and physical pain.” He pleaded not contest. 

CelebHomes News received a report from a source close by the Hadid family saying that it was a “tense situation”. “Gigi and Zayn have split up but plan to co-parent Khai together in a peaceful, healthy environment. They are working on custody details. They are in contact with Khai, making decisions for her.

A source close to Gigi explained the steps she and Zayn are taking behind closed doors. “Gigi, Zayn have met with their lawyers separately. CelebHomes News sources revealed that both wanted to sort out Khai’s custody situation and feel entitled to custody. She needs space. They have been in contact and are working together to figure out how they will continue co-parenting, but it’s very stressful right now. They both want Khai’s best and are trying to be civil.

Gigi’s family is trying to keep out of her way, a source close to the Hadid clan said. However, they also feel very protective and want the best for her.