We needed the real-life Disney Channel romance that we didn’t know we wanted.

Christy Carlson RomanoCelebHomes News invited her to an interview, in which she shared all of the details and answered fan questions. One user on Twitter asked whether she has ever had a crush upon a Disney Original Movies star.

“I dated my DCOM crush actually,” she revealed in the exclusive CelebHomes News clip on June 7. “My DCOM crush” Shawn Ashmore.”

Christy, 38, said she “went on a few dates” with the actor after starring together in the 2002 Disney Channel movie Cadet KellyThe relationship was ended at that point.

She said, “It was not serious and he wasn’t a gentleman,” while adding that “he’s very nice.”

Christy and Shawn (42), didn’t have a happy ending, but she did fall in love with Shawn, a writer-producer Brendan Rooney while studying at Barnard College. The couple tied the knot in 2013 and now share daughters Isabella7 and Sophia, 3.