Season two has the biggest drama Bling EmpireThis could include the who NotYou can watch the entire show.

After it was reported that Cherie ChanAnd a new husband Jessey Lee wouldn’t be returning to the glamorous Netflix reality hit, fans were a bit surprised to see Cherie and Jessey appear in the salacious trailer for the second season, premiering May 13.

Cast your vote now Christine ChiuCherie will soon be leaving the show in a shocking way, as is her tease.

Christine exclusive spoke out to CelebHomes News, “I believe viewers will be amazed,” “I’m disappointed. “I’m disappointed.” She did not stay for long enough to complete her story. It was, I believe, a huge shocker for all of us. I also think that it will shock the entire world.

Cherie can be seen in the trailer choosing rings for a wedding which she claims she has been planning for more than a year. The biggest news is to come later. Kelly Mi Li makes the allegation that Jessey “has another family.”