They make fun of my being late to the show. ‘Oh, Christine’s late. Oh, Christine’s late.’ Christine explained, “It was because I was having panic attacks. I was also worried about my baby and what might go wrong.” “It felt like I was in a pit with these girls. It was extremely, very difficult.

Christine said that seeing the way things played out on TV only made it worse.

She admitted that it was very hurtful, considering all the pain and suffering she had to go through. Editing and the chronological order of the episode doesn’t help, because I had my child and was then doing yoga scenes. However, in reality and the yoga scene, my pregnancy was confirmed. You know what? They cut me off from the boobs so it was very backlash. I wrote, “I cannot believe that you are doing yoga just two weeks after you gave birth to a baby after an emergency C-section.”

Her comments were: “My process wasn’t easy, but TV shows make it appear easy. In real life, I struggled. “I was.”