In fact, the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery co-founder described Bling Empire‘s second season as the “upside down” version of its first.

She said, “They are opposites.” “The second part of season 2 was shot while we were still in the heat from the pandemic. We’re not leaving for Morocco. 

However, she assured that season two will still have “the glam and the clothing and the fabulousness” of its predecessor. She noted that couture week remains a constant throughout the year, so you will see it every season.

For the comparisons of the show to Crazy Rich AsiansChristine expressed her appreciation for them, saying that it raises awareness about Asian cultures and makes Asian-Americans more visible.

“I feel that that is the biggest motivation for me to continue on this project—both in front and behind the camera,” she explained, adding that she hopes to “normalize” diversity on-screen. “Asians are crazy, too!”