You were a little child. Christina Ricci got a remote life lesson from an unexpected teacher: Johnny Depp.

1989 was the year. Ricci was filming it. MermaidsWith Winona Ryder, the actor’s girlfriend at the time, and she recalled witnessing a possibly anti-gay confrontation between two other people on set.

Ricci said that Johnny was the one who first explained to her what homosexuality meant when she was nine years old. Andy Cohen on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live. It was clear that there was something on the set, and that someone wasn’t being kind to others. They said, “Oh, well, it might be homophobic.” They were like “Oh, well he might be homophobic.” I then said, “Well I don’t know what that means.

It Yellowjackets actress continued, “I was in Winona’s trailer and…she put me on the phone with Johnny. Johnny explained the whole thing to me.”

Ricci stated that Depp was using “the simplest terms to describe homosexuality.” The 42-year old recalled that Depp was “when a man wishes to have sexual relations with another man” and “when a women wants to have sexual relations with a female.” “I was like, ‘Ah okay.’”