Josh Hall is Christina Haack’s husband.

Josh took to Instagram to support his HGTV star wife, on April 29, after a judge rejected her request. Ant AnsteadThe request of a judge to grant an emergency ruling for full custody by the ex-couple’s son Hudson London Anstead, 2. (The judge set instead a hearing for June 28.

Josh said in his post that “no one knows jack” what the situation is.

He said that there is much that happens in private lives and that it’s not for the public to see. As someone who is very private, you can trust me that no one but those involved in the situation knows much more than they do. Two sides, and the truth.

He went on praises of the Christina at the CoastHost as a mom

“Christina, a driven and amazing woman, has the ability to overcome any obstacle and stay composed. She is also a positive influence on these children’s lives and achieves success in everything she does.” He said that he greatly admires her and “greatly appreciates that.”